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Financial Observation-Look British Airways!

December 20th, 2009 at 07:06 pm

I work for a company that cleans airplanes for British Airways. Our job is to trash (meaning, to PICK UP the trash) the plane floor, overheads and especially the seat pockets. Oh, the seat pockets.

You know. The ones that hold the magazines, survey cards and waste bags. Yes, the waste bags.

British Airways, we have a problem, which is NOT over.You're wasting your money on those waste bags because...no one is using them. I clean your airplanes. I know this.

Those waste bags are there for those of us who have weak stomachs, are sick or have a little bit of stuff to throw away.

In all the 5 months I've been working there, I have only found 2 bags that were used.

BA, it seems your wasting your money because no one is using your waste bags...they simply stuff it into the pockets without looking. And sometimes, I end up throwing them away anyways when they become too crinkled or torn or mixed in with all the garbage in the seat pocket which wasn't put into it.

So, for all us frugalites and financially savvy people, if you'd like to put your airlines money to good use, please use the waste bags for your candy wrappers, napkins, utensils, miniature coke bottles and diapers please. Also, it'll help us cleaners to make your flights prettier, and more organized.

You are now free move about the seat pocket.

4 Responses to “Financial Observation-Look British Airways!”

  1. patientsaver Says:

    I suppose the waste bags are there becus even there are just a few who use them, think of how much more of a mess there'd be if the bag wasn't available. It's either the bag or the seat and floor, right? Eww.

  2. Provi Says:

    patientsaver: That may be true, but people are not using them at all anyways, so it wouldn't make a difference at all.

  3. baselle Says:

    Interesting - I heard of airsickness bag (that;s what we call 'em here) collectors.

    I wonder if someone has done research on whether we have all gotten used to air travel, so we don't need the airsickness bag. Could the bag be given to you at check-in (for a .50 fee, naturally Smile), versus having it on the plane?

  4. Provi Says:

    baselle: I think your idea is a nice one. Those who know they are prone to it, and first time fliers would be able to purchase it right at the boarding area. Technically, they are airsickness bags though. One of the two bags I ever found used actually contained vomit.

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