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Christmas Budgeting

December 23rd, 2009 at 11:23 am

This year for Christmas, I wanted to go all out. I mean, ALL OUT. I wanted to buy practically EVERYONE I knew on the planet a gift this year. I still didn't have a lot of money but I thought "Well, if I make a plan, then maybe..."

The plan?

No more than $3 per person, gift wise. Factor in FL tax, and that means any gift wouldn't cost more than $3.21.

Which would mean the following as well:

5 persons: $16.05
10 persons: $32.10
15 persons: $48.15
20 persons: $64.20
25 persons: $80.25

Ok, so...it didn't work out. However, the three dollar plan does work in some cases, and it's reasonable since you won't be able to find anything for $2 where I at least live. But I did still decide that if I ever want to splurge on someone to my money's content I'm doing it on their birthday.

1 Responses to “Christmas Budgeting ”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Yeah, it's tough when the numbers of people start to add up and it leads to inflated costs like that! There are a lot of people we wanted to get stuff for this year, but shipping from overseas was prohibitive, and we didn't have any insurance that it would get to the States anyway. Mail in this part of Europe is notoriously bad. I like your idea of going all out on birthdays!

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