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Tasteful Thinking

December 27th, 2009 at 11:41 pm

Looking at a Japanese fashion site, I am reminded of one time when I strolled into Nordstrom's which had recently opened at a new mall nearby. I had never heard of Nordstrom's before, and strolled in to get a look.

Seeing the price tag of the first clothing item I admired, my face dropped. It was a beautiful $250 chocolate and cream wooly sweater like shirt.

I didn't have the money to buy that of course. I could have saved up for it. But why? So I could get coffee or chocolate on it the first time I wear it? Would I impress anyone with it, as though I'd leave the price tag on it for others to come up and check out?

People often have a negative view on high fashion items. I have to admit that I rather do too, only because as I am, I view it as pointless to have an item so highly priced.

Instead, I'd truly like to understand what's involved in that price other than a name, and a possible faux glamor feel for some. What materials are used? How much of that material? Where are they ordered from? How much do they cost? The economics of the price are much more interesting to me, but only out of curiousity.

Furthermore, I'd like to ask the creators of these items how they feel, sincerely, about having such a lot of money and what it means to them as designers and artists. How do they feel about creating an article of clothing for a sometimes very limited market? How would they feel knowing that to a vast majority of us, it's meaningless? How do they feel about people paying for their name?

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