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Gift Cards

December 30th, 2009 at 03:00 pm

I got tons of them this year. At least 4 I think. I love gift cards. Free money. You can buy things you like, things you want, things you might possibly be able to use, things you actually could use, things you seriously NEED.

Or, alternatively, use them to buy gifts for other people who you couldn't afford gifts for in the first place. (Guilty).

But as I went out yesterday to spend my gift cards I found that...

I didn't want anything or need anything. I actually stood for a full 3 minutes in the middle of Walmart thinking to myself "Well...what should I use this for?".

I love doing mail art, but I have plenty of material. I love fishing but I don't really fish though. I like books but Walmart isn't exactly Walden Books. I like my garden but they only had Christmas Garden stuff anyways. I'd like to have a goldfish but I already have a cat and a bird and my life isn't organized enough to change the water everyday. I'd feel a lot more nice buying some feminine products like make-up or some cool new skin item. But I'm lazy and my life still isn't organized enough to fit it into my 5 minute bathroom time schedule. I refuse to buy food with it. I already have a nice flash drive. They didn't have any Crocs I could buy, which are good for wearing in the rain.

In the end I couldn't decide on anything. I simply used it to get two deodorants since I use those everyday.

That doesn't mean I won't use them. But this is what being Frugal does to you.

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