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Plane-etary Loss

January 3rd, 2010 at 12:02 am

Working on a plane, people often seem to leave perfectly good things they pay for behind. Full bottles of water, whole meals. I find TONS of perfectly full water bottles (and I mean FULL, way more full than American water bottles) just left sitting there. And whole sandwiches with condiments in their plastic trays still wrapped in plastic.

I don't know if the meals are complimentary. Based on the services I have seen that BA provides to travelers, I would guess so.

Nonetheless, it's a shame to see people just leave it there. Especially if it's free. I don't care if it's an eight hour flight, you still have it, and it's still good. Take it home, stick it in the fridge, it'll still be good after 2 days. What a waste, wealthy or not.

OK, admittedly, I have a similar problem at home. Such as the potatoes Dad cooked tonight. I was thankful for the potatoes and the chicken and the veggies. I didn't finish my portion of the potatoes; I should have even if they were soggy. So...I...threw them away. But it's still something to work on. It's just more noticable when it's your job to literally find it.

According to one woman who I know very well who works in the BA's Club area (a.k.a The Lounge) some people do similar things. Now, the things in the the BA Club Lounge, ARE in fact free. All the accodomation and food and drinks there are free with membership. People take whole bottles of wine, pour one glass, take one sip, and leave it. Or the same with whatever other foods and drinks. One woman even took her purse and put all the lounges chip bags in it.

Wealthy or not, it's good to not waste, even if it isn't at your expense. It's simply good not to. Even if it's free. (Or especially if it's free!).

It's something I want to work on too, and am. Ironically, I can always clear my plate at anyone else's home. But I didn't finish my tatters.

3 Responses to “Plane-etary Loss”

  1. fern Says:

    Agreed. I hate wasting food.

  2. DeniseNTexas Says:

    I agree, also. Wasting food is one of my big pet peeves but I still do it now and then. Not often, mind you, but still too much. That's yet another of my goals for the year and is mentioned in my sidebar but I'm really trying hard to not waste food, gas, time, and of course, money!

  3. lizajane Says:

    There's never any food wasted at home. My dogs help me out! WOOF

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