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Use It or WASTE It

December 27th, 2009 at 11:50 am

I'm a sticker freak. When I write letters, I smother, splatter and strangle them with stickers. I'm a sticker connoseiur.

But I ran out of stickers. And I didn't have the money for more. Well, I decided NOT to spend the money on more.

Instead I decided to strictly use what I already have. I have markers, pencils, color pencils, stencils, glue, misc gluable things, scrapbook paper. I decided that instead of buying stickers I'm going to use what I already have. Sticker industry, I'm on strike! (Nothing personal).

Ok, so it won't save me a lot of money in the long run. Most stickers around here (FL) cost anywhere from $0.99 to $2.99 and up for the expensive fancy stuff.

It saves me from buying the unnecassry and afterwards it's fresh to start over once I really have used everything up. I've had these pencils and markers and pens for YEARS now. It's time to use them.

Also with my beloved stickers to provide the pretty prety colors and pretty pictures, I'm forced to be more creative. (Or, in more recent cases, just to deviantart.com for ideas.)

And I've decided to this with everything. My papers, food, body lotions (thanks to my friends over the years, I have a 4 year supply at least), and tons more.

Saved me from buying more crap and wasting money!

USE it or WASTE it.

Don't Throw Away My Chicken!

December 24th, 2009 at 11:57 pm

Because I am a fox. And I like chicken.
In the the grocery store where this fox used to work, the deli sadly throughout tons of chicken. It was sad. Fox could only shed tear after tear as all her beloved poultry was thrown into the trash night after night.

Fox still wonders why al lthat chicken had to go to waste, when it could have been in her tummy. She also wonders if something could be done so that the chickens and the money they represents don't go to waste.

She doesn't understand how that entire process works, buying the chicken, forecasting sales and such- she just wants the chickens to stop being thrown away!

Do any other animals of the wild know what happens to their deli chickens when they aren't eaten?

Wasted Training

December 24th, 2009 at 11:54 am

I've worked in a few jobs where bad training had it's financial consequences. In the second job I ever worked out, a nameless restuarant, a group of veteran employees was flown in to train us in groups for the specific positions. Most of them were just happy to take the test that would accompany this new project for them, because this meant they would get a raise, and that was the ONLY way to get a raise in the company. You had to train someones AND take a test, and pass the test. The training was not very one on one at all, or organized. They might as well had just thrown me in on the first day of opening and said Go for it. I don't support George Carlin, but as he would say, "You got a pencil? Well, get in there it's physics!".

I ran the salad and it went on for months for that no one told me you we're supposed to SAVE the the lettuce that was on top, still chilled and fresh throughout the day. My thinking was that lettuce had been out all day and should be thrown away. But I should have been saving this lettuce instead of throwing it out every night for the next month or so, which even went unnoticed. That was hundreds of dollars worth of lettuce being thrown away, by me. Granted I should have asked to make it clear perhaps but nonetheless it should have been stressed as well.

At my current job, no one stressed NOT to throw away head phone sets that we're still good. So I was mindlessly throwing those away until I recalled the above story, and did the sensible thing.

This was a good lesson and taught me that I shouldn't throw away office supplies because I dislike my boss. Because in saving his money, I'm saving my pay check and everyone elses too.

Donating Disaster

December 22nd, 2009 at 10:09 pm

When you book a flight on BA, each passenger gets a free packet which contains a toothbrush, a pair of thin black socks, headphones, and a small donation envelope for UNICEF.

Sadly, I don't find many donations at all. Only about 5 packets have been found since I've been there. This is still good, no matter how much the amount is. But there's two problems, which pretty much make these donations near pointless.

First, the donation needs to be given to the cabin crew, but during flight. This is a must, and it would seem that most of them or a portion of them aren't. It seems most people just put them in the seat pocket, which is fine, but the cabin crew are not the ones who actually see any of this, and they will not find the packets at all.

Now, all I have to do is take the packet and give it to someone for BA, and it gets stored and that should be simple enough.

The second problem is I can't trust my immediate supervisor with it, and there's no other designated person to give them to. These are donations, not free-for-finding coins, which are first find, first keep. But my boss won't turn them in, he'll pile them up and exchange them later. So I end up taking them home and storing them up until I have enough worth sending to unicef. It's rather tiring.

Please give your slips to the cabin crew to make sure they get to the organization!


Gettin' Gas

December 22nd, 2009 at 02:33 am

I don't know about all of us, but have you noticed that when you pay for gas in cash or with your card inside the store, you actually get less gas than when you pay as you go at the pump with your card? Try it next time.

Around the last dollar amount, it always slows down. It reduces to a trickle, so you're not really getting as much as you could.

Something to think about. It always annoys me.

Financial Observation-Look British Airways!

December 20th, 2009 at 07:06 pm

I work for a company that cleans airplanes for British Airways. Our job is to trash (meaning, to PICK UP the trash) the plane floor, overheads and especially the seat pockets. Oh, the seat pockets.

You know. The ones that hold the magazines, survey cards and waste bags. Yes, the waste bags.

British Airways, we have a problem, which is NOT over.You're wasting your money on those waste bags because...no one is using them. I clean your airplanes. I know this.

Those waste bags are there for those of us who have weak stomachs, are sick or have a little bit of stuff to throw away.

In all the 5 months I've been working there, I have only found 2 bags that were used.

BA, it seems your wasting your money because no one is using your waste bags...they simply stuff it into the pockets without looking. And sometimes, I end up throwing them away anyways when they become too crinkled or torn or mixed in with all the garbage in the seat pocket which wasn't put into it.

So, for all us frugalites and financially savvy people, if you'd like to put your airlines money to good use, please use the waste bags for your candy wrappers, napkins, utensils, miniature coke bottles and diapers please. Also, it'll help us cleaners to make your flights prettier, and more organized.

You are now free move about the seat pocket.